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About Us


Himawari means "sunflower" in Japan.

We understand that most girls in our generation live the busiest lifestyles. They are always "on the go";  always on the lookout for the next adventure.

Our goal at Himawari Bags is to guide our girls in finding the best backpack for a fuss free, daily usage. Whether it's for school or work, hiking adventures, or that next flight. 

We want our Himawari girls to feel confident & ready for each day.



All our products are responsibly sourced. Our leather materials are cruelty free.

Each backpack is made with high-quality fabric, stitching and materials: achieving world class quality standards.

Our products are loved all over the world: in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the USA.

Our products are covered with factory warranty from any damage or manufacturing defects (excluding due to usage or wear and tear).

All products are made with high Q.C. standards in our factory at PRC.


Aside from making and selling products, we are in the mission to help girls achieve a better version of themselves.

As simple as choosing their backpack to help them feel ready and confident, we want to add value to all our customers by providing relevant content that would get them closer to our common goals.

Join us in our international club in Facebook:
Himawari Bags: A Community for Kawaii Girls today.

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