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what's in a backpack?

by Himawari Bags


For the longest time, backpacks are our means to carry all sorts of items during our school, work, or travel. We carry our books, gadgets, and clothes in our backpacks.

1.) They are used as "everyday carry" packs

2.) They are used in schools and at work

3.) They are used for travel

4.) They are used for outdoor activities all means, backpacks help us to get organised and get going, ---whatever activity it is we are doing. That's why we always love and choose a backpack that can serve all our needs and help us carry out our day!

Nowadays, we encounter all sorts of backpacks and the choices are endless. A student who will use a backpack for school does not need a technical/outdoor bag, since it will be impractical to carry that type of gear. Nor an office worker for his daily use. A hiker will look for a pack that can carry his load with at least 30L capacity depending on his overnight stays.

It really depends on the activity. For Himawari bags, our backpacks are used in schools, office work, and every day carry. To ease you on the benefits of a backpack, these highlights might ease your mind.

Top 5 benefits of using a Himawari backpack:

1.) Good for your back.

Backpacks are better option than shoulder or messenger bags for carrying books and supplies.

With a backpack, the weight is evenly distributed across your body. The strongest muscle in the body-- the back and abdominal muscles --support the pack.

Himawari backpacks are versatile and great for every day use and traveling.

Backpacks can make your every life easier. One may be for work or day trips, and a larger one for weekend getaways.​

Whatever pack you may chose, we trust that this will be around you for a really, really long time.

So choose wisely! (winks*)

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